Online Tracking - Pak Delivery


Track your delivery person online using the Glympse App! Simply have your delivery person download and install the App, and that's it! All you do is create a group in the App and you along with your delivery person join the same group. This allows you to track your delivery person in 'real time'



How It Works

  • Log in to your account, and go to the Tracking page and add your driver to the newly created group within the Glympse app.
  • Have your drivers download the Glympse app to share their approximate location with you and your shipping customers.
  • Drivers with the mobile app can change contact you directly once delivery is completed

The provider will be prompted to change the status of your shipment based on pre-arranged pickup and delivery times and approximate location. On your listing, you'll see an option to Track Your Shipment. We ping participating providers' phones every hour and provide an approximate (city level) location.

If this option is unavailable, it is because your provider doesn't have location sharing enabled within their app. If your service provider has an iOS device, they can go into the phone's Settings tab and switch the Locations to Always. If they have an Android, they can go into their Settings tab and similarly enable Location Sharing.

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