Welcome to Pak Delivery! Our goal is simple - This platform connects people who want their items shipped with transporters who are willing to deliver - worldwide! Simply, post/list your delivery requirement, and someone in your area will bid for the job. You can select the lowest bidder, and contact the person directly. Pak Delivery site is completely free to use and you can list your shipments for free.

You can also track your delivery person online at PakDelivery site - in real time using Glympse App, which is available in Android and iOS.

At Pak Delivery, thinking out of the box is what we do best. Out goal is provide a marketplace for both contractors and transporters by seamlessly allowing them to post shipments, bid on shipment jobs, and directly connect with each other. This free platform eliminates the hassle of finding expensive couriers. For example, if you were to ship a bicycle from Chicago to New York, sending through a courier is an expensive proposition. How about if you send it thorough a person who is about to travel to New York and can deliver your bicycle! At half the cost! Just imagine millions of people travel and at Pak Delivery - we would like to see them deliver goods and earn money at the same time. How about that!

So, register for free and enjoy earning money while you travel!

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